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    Tax UnitDescriptionContact InformationMailing Address
    ACCAustin Community College
    ACCLAustin Community College-Lee CAD
    BVMUDWest Bastrop Village MUD
    C01City Of Elgin
    C01TCity of Elgin-Travis CAD
    C03City Of Smithville
    C04City Of Bastrop
    E01Elgin Education
    E02Mcdade Education
    E03Smithville Education
    E04Bastrop Education
    ESD1Emergency Svc Dst 1
    ESD1DEmergency Svc Dst 1 - Defined
    ESD2Emergency Svc Dist 2
    G01Bastrop County
    G02Fayette County
    G03Lee County
    G04Travis County
    MISCMiscellaneous Fees
    MUD1Bastrop County MUD1
    MUD1AThe Colony MUD1A
    MUD1DThe Colony MUD1D
    MUD1EThe Colony MUD1E
    MUD1FThe Colony MUD1F
    PHCCPid - Hunter's Crossing Commercial
    PHCCFPid - Hunter's Crossing Commercial Flat
    PHCMFPid - Hunter's Crossing Multiple Family
    PHCSFPid - Hunter's Crossing Single Family
    RD1County Road
    RD3Stony Point Road District
    S00Lexington ISD
    S01Elgin Isd
    S01LElgin ISD-Lee CAD
    S01TElgin ISD-Travis CAD
    S02Mcdade Isd
    S03Smithville Isd
    S03FSmithville ISD-Fayette CAD
    S04Bastrop Isd
    TCESDBastrop-Travis ESD1
    TESDTBastrop-Travis ESD-Travis CAD
    TXState Of Texas
    WC3Wcid #3
    WC3DWCID#3-Defined Area